The Long Hair Center can be proud to state that it has its own premises and clinic where a hair transplant procedure can be carried out in accordance with the necessary standards. This includes the sterilization aspect and the availability of an emergency doctor in addition to the main hair transplant doctor. Both are available at the Long Hair Center. An emergency doctor is always present at the clinic to respond immediately to any unforeseen circumstances. Our clinic has several different rooms, each with a specific design and layout to accommodate the diverse requirements of our hair transplant patients. We’d like to invite you to learn more about some of these rooms. .

• Consultation room: is where a patient is contacted by the main doctor face to face. This allows the patient and doctor to discuss all aspects of the treatment, including the quality of the scalp, as well as expectations and outcomes. The patient is also given the opportunity to complete any paperwork and sign the necessary documents before the procedure. • Hairline Design Room: is where the doctor creates the hairline, draws and determines the donor area and recipient area using a marker pen. This room is equipped with a laser tool and a millimeter scale, which are used by the doctor to design a perfect natural hairline. It also has different types and sizes of mirrors, which allow the patient to observe their newly created hairline and make an informed decision. Once the hairline design is complete, the next step is the shaving process. • The operation room: is where surgical procedures are conducted. This is the room where the patient will spend the majority of their time until the surgery is complete. The room is equipped with all the essential modern equipment required for a hair transplant surgery. It can be stated that all types of modern technology have been installed in every hair transplant surgical room in accordance with the relevant sterilisation rules. Additionally, a television is provided in the room for patients to pass the time. The surgical rooms are equipped with comfortable beds to allow patients to assume a comfortable position throughout the procedure, as body muscles can become strained when in a fixed position for an extended period. The room is equipped with the latest lighting system too. • Washing room: The surgical procedure involves the application of a bandage to the donor area, which is then removed the following day. A special cleansing process is then carried out, which involves the cleaning of the scalp to ensure that any leakage marks are removed and that the scalp is completely clean. This entire washing process is conducted in a separate washing room, which can be seen in the accompanying images.