About Us

About Us

Here at Long Hair Center, we are able and pleased to offer you 100% customer satisfaction, global composition, all treatments are effective to the highest level of perfection with tailored personalized 1st rate care.

Leave your meandering nervous thoughts behind you and experience your chosen truly natural desired result, this is our assurance to our clientele.

We are able to provide all the best possible services to our patients with our undivided attention regarding your full personal preferences.

We at the Long Hair Center do not offer nor do we accept more than 1 surgery per day in some rare cases, this number increases to a maximum of 2 surgeries if the second patient’s bald area requires less than 2000 hair grafts. This work ethic allows us to leave a unique mark in the Turkish hair transplant sector.

Our medical expertise has over 12 years of experience with a vast range of advanced and the latest top-notch technological services that offer you the ideal look and results you desire.

Long Hair Center provides adequate treatment with personalized technological and professional hair transplant procedures on a one-to-one basis. ‘Long Hair Center’ has been operating hair transplantation and plastic surgery by an expert doctor and with a vastly experienced team for many years in Turkey.

In the period of the last 12 years, in this field, our center successfully carried out more than 2000 highly successful hair transplant surgeries for patients coming from all around the world (pleased to say from more than 25 countries ).

Guests/patients are cared for as VIP individuals at all times also by the consultation and the full process.

Long Hair Center is a leading hair transplant clinic in the inspirational city of Istanbul in Turkey that assuredly claims to provide an undetectable result.