Laser Treatment can be applied especially after having hair transplantation, in separate sessions. It is used to stimulate the grafts which are implanted and help the one to get an improved result of hair transplantation. The goal of this treatment is to improve blood circulation in the scalp to feed the follicles of hair are implanted by using beams similar to the sunbeam. In addition, it should be known that laser treatment is a supplementary treatment and it is not mandatory to get.


Stress is the outcome of life conditions of today’s world; in combination with, vitamin deficiency and genetic diseases causes hair loss and the weakening of strands. At this point, laser therapy ensures a healthy and painless treatment to strengthen hair follicles and makes strands thicker.

Laser Therapy can be applied for women besides men. It starts with using of dermo-roller to open minor holes that are to be injected serum. Making blood circulation faster in the scalp by stimulating capillaries, laser therapy ensures hair grows and gives strength to follicles of the hair.

Periodically done laser therapy before and post-operation process of hair transplantation ensures stronger hair follicles and makes the nutrition of hair easier. According to experiences and investigations of patients, it can be said that hair transplantation which is supported with laser treatment has resulted better.