PRP, which is the most effective treatment of non-operative hair treatments, is a type of treatment that is applied to revitalize and repair hair follicles that are shedding and weakened. This treatment, which is made by injecting the beneficial vitamins and minerals obtained with the person's blood into the person's hair, is completely organic and does not contain any chemicals.

To explain in detail, PRP is the most successful treatment tool to achieve success in preventing genetically caused hair loss. At the beginning of the PRP, 10 CC of blood is taken from the one and the blood is separated into white and red blood cells by being processed in the laboratory with the help of a centrifuge. Then, a thrombocyte that contains growth hormone is applied to special processes and later on injected into the scalp.

In addition, it should be known that one who has cancer history in his/her family, the one who uses blood thinning medication and the one who has an infection in his/her scalp, the one who is pregnant, breastfeeding and the one who suffers from blood diseases cannot benefit from the PRP method.

The frequency of PRP treatment varies from person to person. The factors that determine this are the quality of the hair follicles of the person, the strength of the hair strands, and whether PRP has been applied before or not. In general, PRP treatment takes thirty minutes with an interval of every fifteen days and takes three to four months. The results of PRP Treatment can be seen visible after the third session, usually. The most important feature of this method, as mentioned above, is that the growth factors and proteins obtained from the blood of the one are injected into the scalp after processing. Although PRP treatment does not cause any effect that could affect the social and business life of the one, minor redness and bruises may occur due to the needles used during the procedure. In such a case, applying a cold press is going to solve the problem.

In addition, the use of anti-inflammatory drugs in case of any pain that may occur after PRP Treatment is not recommended as it will reduce the effect of PRP Treatment, paracetamol derivative pain relievers should be used instead. In addition, on the day of the PRP procedure, one should not take a shower using hot water and avoid direct sunlight.

With PRP, which can be applied in combination with hair transplantation operations, the vitality and repair of the roots can be achieved before the hair transplantation operation. At the end of the operation and in the post-operation processes, the healing process can be fastened and the transplanted hair follicles can be strengthened.