Hair transplantation in African American hair is a process that must be extracted more carefully, slowly, and meticulously than other non-curly straight hair. In this article, we will share with you the reason behind it. Traditionally, there are two types of processes to extract hair follicles. These are FUT and FUE, respectively. FUE hair transplantation is the latest method, and it is the most efficient technique for extracting maximum hair grafts. The most preferred method for African American curly hair is the FUE method. However, there is a fine detail between Afro and straight hair types, curly hair grafts have a curly shape (on the skin's surface) as under the skin. This circumstance makes it more challenging to extract the hair grafts healthily and requires more professionalism and experience. To extract standard (straight) hair grafts, we perform it with the help of a device that we call punch, which works with a diameter of 0.9 mm and 4 mm long straight rotating flexion. But since the Afro-curly grafts contain curly shape even under the skin, we need to change this punch, and eventually, we can have healthier hair follicles with a higher number of hair grafts. With the extraction of Afro curly hair grafts, we provide the possibility to extract an average of 3000-3500 hair roots with a punch with a more inferior length and conventional diameter.

Afro hair roots also have an advantage over other straight ones. When the roots grow after implantation, curly hair grafts provide more density than straight hair roots. In an accessible form, we observed that we obtained the same successful effect as 3500 hair grafts in pathetic Afro-type hair transplantation, as in straight type hair transplantation, which required 5000 hair grafts. The doctor who would extract Afro hair grafts must be an experienced one in this field. It might directly affect the number of grafts because the number of extracted grafts is responsible for determining whether it will be with full density or not. The Afro-hair grafts must be extracted one by one carefully and without breaking/damaging them. In fact, this situation affects the hair root's quality, and this is a vital factor.