FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method is the name of the process of removing the hair follicles from the donor area to be transplanted. The most common extraction process used in the world is the FUE method. With the FUE hair transplantation method, the follicles are removed one by one and homogeneously from the donor area in a much more effective and easy way.
FUE Hair Transplantation Process
FUE hair transplantation method is performed with the help of micromotor pacemen and devices called punch. Punches are varying according to hair follicle thickness and length.It is a root removal procedure based on the principle of carving around the hair follicles by using a punch according to the thickness and depth of the hair follicles and adjusting the motor speed according to the tissue stiffness in the donor area, after the hair follicles in the donor area of the person are pre-examined by our doctor.This sharp punch is made from a steel material specifically for extracting hair follicles and is disposable.

  • Painless extraction
  • Painless extraction
  • Painless implantation
  • Fast recovery after the operation
  • Suture and scar-free transplantation
  • Homogeneous extraction from the entire donor area
  • Reaching the desired density and naturalness
  • High number of follicle extraction
  • Low cost

The extracted grafts from the donor area contain different numbers of hair strands, as is known. A single graft comprises 2 or 3 hair strands; in some people it can even be found in a group of 4, varying from person to person.

For a good hair transplant process and a successful hair transplant result, it is very important to extract these hair strands groups from the donor area without any damage. These extracted roots are then shifted to the pre-determined recipient areas.

Here is it, it is very important to separate and weed out the grafts to be placed in the front zone of the implanted area, that is the front line zone.

It is vitally important to implant as many single hair strands as possible to gain a more natural and beautiful look after the follicles are transplanted into the front line area.

We call it microscopic hair transplantation. With the help of a microscope, we separate these follicles with single hair grafts and insert these separated grafts into the front line region. Through this approach, we can achieve an undetectable, and natural result with full density. We, as the Long Hair Center family, apply this procedure in every hair transplant operation, without exception.

The most important factor to remember is that a successful hair transplant is achieved by the implementation of all these finely detailed processes.