Does Hair Transplant Affect My Sex Life?

Does Hair Transplant Affect My Sex Life?

Let is shed some light on one of the doubts that worry those who are pondering the idea of ​​having a hair transplant. Is it possible to have sex after the operation? How long is the abstinence period necessary for recovery?

Sex, in many ways, mimics the pros and cons of sport and other strenuous activities. It is a high-intensity physical activity, moreover characterized by more or less controlled physical contact.

The reasons why we should stop having sexual intercourse after hair transplantation can be explained by several factors. The scalp and the grafts are pretty sensitive as you already guess, while having sex we produce excessive sweating and sweating is a danger for the fresh grafts. Also, blood pressure and flow increase during this intercourse. For this, grafts can have haemorrhage and this can lead to loss of grafts. Moreover, since this is about physical contact, there may be contact to the scalp which is not great. After the surgery, the freshly-treated area shouldn’t come into contact with anything and having sex includes this. Lastly, since it’s medical surgery, the patient needs to rest to heal properly. For these reasons, it is recommended to stop having intimate relationships at least for a certain period.

How long for sexual intercourse after a hair transplant?

If you did not like what you have read so far, then you will be very pleased to know that waiting times, before being able to resume activities, are on average shorter. The recommended waiting time for sexual intercourse is around a week, 10 days maximum. Of course, we must not feel free to underestimate the problem: rubbing, excessive sweating, bumps; these are all dangers that must be carefully avoided, but apart from this, the rest should not involve risks.

Sexual intercourse before a hair transplant

Having sex before hair transplantation is a question that everyone is curious about, but the answer is not widely available. Although sex should be avoided after hair transplantation, there is no such requirement beforehand. There are many things that should not be done before hair transplantation. Such as not smoking, not drinking alcohol and not taking caffeine. But having sexual intercourse is not one of them. Here, the only thing you should avoid before hair transplantation related to sexual intercourse is to take any pill that will increase sexual improvement. As it is already known, things such as drugs, pills and multivitamins should not be taken about a week before the operation.That's why the pills that should not be taken include sexual improvement pills.

Bottom line: sex and hair care

Of all the sacrifices, the "carnal" one is probably one of the least demanding and least difficult to respect. Hair transplantation is really the ideal answer to problems related to baldness; as long as the healing rules are respected. However, we must not forget that, after each surgery, the surgeon and his team are ready to suggest the best treatments and to always give practical advice by evaluating the subjectivity of each case.