Hair Styling After Hair Transplantation

Hair Styling After Hair Transplantation

After undergoing a hair transplantation, the next crucial step is vital in achieving the desired thickness and volume of hair growth.. As your hair regrows post-transplantation, it is time to explore new ways to style it. This is an opportunity to reclaim your personal style or experiment with a fresh look. Whether you underwent the FUE and DHI techniques or received PRP treatment, we will provide you with tips and instructions on how to style your hair after hair transplantation.

When can we comb our hair?

After a hair transplant, combing our hair will become effortless. Over time, the effects of the procedure will gradually settle and disappear, resulting in completely natural-looking hair. This will afford us the flexibility to change our hairstyle as desired. It's crucial to exercise patience during the initial months post-surgery. Whether the patient is male or female, their appearance will undergo a transformation after the operation. Consequently, it's essential for the patient to familiarize themselves with various hairstyling techniques to maintain a comfortable and appealing image, especially if there is an abundance of hair in specific areas. We recommend allowing your hair to dry naturally in the first few days following the transplant. After fifteen days, you may use a hairdryer, ensuring

it operates at a moderate temperature (neither too cold nor too hot) and is held at a safe distance from the head. Following a PRP session, it is advisable to avoid combing or showering for one day.

Hairdressing products

About using hairspray, gel, or foam, there is no problem either, but you will have to wait about 12 months. The transplanted hair is simply hair that has been moved. You can treat it the same as the original hair.