Diet And Sports After Hair Transplantation

Diet And Sports After Hair Transplantation

After you have the surgery, your hair transplant journey does not end here. As in all other medical operations, the healing process is a large part of the operation. Patients generally tend to go back to their old lifestyle and habits immediately after an operation. However, you need to make some changes in your to get the maximum efficiency from your surgery. In order to achieve the desired result in hair transplantation, it is necessary to pay attention to your diet and sports habits after your procedure. Otherwise, you may not get the appearance you wanted in the first place.


After the operation, the patient shouldn’t consume alcohol or smoke cigarettes because they slow the blood flow and hence the recovery time is affected. Also, the patient should drink plenty of water to eliminate the edema. It is beneficial to consume foods that have the necessary vitamins for your hair. The vitamins that are good for your hair are A B, C, D and E. These vitamins have different functions for the hair but the most effective one is vitamin B. Foods containing vitamin B feed hair and hair follicles which is good for your recovery. You can add egg yolk, meat, almonds and peanuts to your diet to consume this vitamin. Some of the foods containing vitamin D to prevent hair loss and facilitate hair growth are oranges, eggs and fish. For your wounds to heal more easily, you can include olive oil, spinach and cabbage that contain vitamin E in your diet. You can start your diet by adding milk, butter and cheese for consuming vitamin A, which is necessary for the development and growth of cells and tissues. Foods where we can get vitamin C are citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons and grapefruit, which are important for wound healing. Therefore, when looking at the vitamin groups examined so far, it should be stated that meals programmed with protein-rich foods can contribute to the healing process on a large scale.


Although sport is a strenuous activity for some, it is a lifestyle for others. Whether it is for a hobby or health sports take place in the lives of many people, especially today. Those who do sports can wonder about hair transplantation and if they can continue to do sports after the surgery. The important issue here is the type of sport. After the operation, you should not do sports that will tire you out and sweat a lot. While doing sports, the blood pressure in your body rises and thus your heart beats faster. The faster the pulse beats, the greater the bleeding in the channels where the hair follicles are located. At the same time, sweating causes blood to the hair follicles and prevents a good recovery. Hence, if you do strenuous activities like body-building or football, you may sweat too much. Moreover, in the ball sports, the ball can touch your head and can further damage the area. Since you will take a blow, you should avoid doing martial arts as well. Instead, the patient can do brisk walking or simple exercises.