The Clinic That Accepts Crypto-Payments

The Clinic That Accepts Crypto-Payments

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital-virtual-type of a currency which can be used for swap , exchange and a lot more different transactions. Some say that it’s the currency of the future. Cryptocurrencies are known by a lot of people around the world nowadays. They got the attentions of governments , international companies and even local people who are not involved to any type of large-scale economic activities. Though , cryptocurrencies are still not completely discovered , which means there are also a lot of people with none or just enough information about cryptocurrencies.

Cryptography is the most common way to verify the transactions with high safety. In this whole process , nothing has a physical equivalent.Just like cryptocurrencies , transactions with debit and/or credit cards also include virtual currency ; they only make changes in between sender’s and receiver’s account information. Cryptocurrencies work just the same way , except being under any centralized governmental authority. This is also making cryptocurrencies safer.

Long Hair Center Accepts Crypto-Payments

Since the cryptocurrencies have become a gamechanger in economic systems , we started off thinking that we should do something about it. Our clients who are coming from countless different countries don’t want to carry high amouts of cash , so they usually make the payment with credit or debit cards. Unfortunately , taxes and fees for internatioal transactions are high , but there’s this new payment method coming to the forefront : Cryptocurrencies. This allows our clients to make their payments without going through a lot of unnecessary extra taxes and bank commissions.

When and how do we get the payments?

Our clients can make the payments throughout their cold wallets on surgery day , scanning our QR code. This was a little exciting and surprising for both sides at the first place. Payment speed and transaction safety are incomparably higher , so the feedbacks we got were amazing.

What is a “Coin”?

Coins are virtual cryptocurrencies that are used for different types of transactions and payments. There is a lot of different coins which were mentioned to be the biggest investment tools in near future. World’s biggest companies are stocking different coins. Bitcoin is standing out as the most valuable coin , followed by many others such as Etherium , Litecoin and Ripple.

Global Companies Allowing Payments in Crypto


In March 2020 , when the masks were just beginning to cover our faces , Starbucks has joined to crypto-payment system.You can put some credit into your Starbucks account by transferring your cryptocurrency to the app.

Whole Foods

What’s making Whole Foods special for cryptocurrencies is that it’s a sub-brand of Amazon. Though , Amazon is not accepting crypto-payments and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to accept any soon. It’s quite interesting that Amazon sub-brands are accepting crypto-payments when Amazon itself is not.


As one of the supporters of Bitcoin from the very beginning , Microsoft has been accepting crypto-payments for software purchases since 2014. Crypto-payment option is also avaliable on Xbox online store.