Vertex Area In Hair Transplant

Vertex Area In Hair Transplant

The top of the head is called the vertex. Vertex area in hair transplant is one of the most frequently requested operations by men for hair transplantation. Probably because this area is one of the most affected area by androgenetic alopecia.

To thicken the vertex area, the FUE technique is the most suitable method since by implanting the grafts one by one, the surgeon can optimally follow the orientation of the hair which in this area can be very particular.

Vertex area in hair transplant can in fact have different directions, for example, it can follow a perfect spiral or create two different spirals, in the center of the vertex, however, the hair tends to grow forward, which is why the practical skill of the surgeon who performs the intervention but also its aesthetic taste is very important for achieving a natural result.

The follicular units in this area must be implanted with a particular angle having two objectives in mind: to restore exactly the original design of the hair, and to reach the density necessary to cover the thinned area.

How Many Follicular Units Do You Need To Cover The Vertex Area?

This question cannot be answered exactly, it depends on the extent of the thinning, the quality of the donor area and also the type of hair. The surgeons ensure the best possible result taking into account all the factors described, the desired degree of coverage and the situation of the donor area.

Vertex Hair Transplant: Is Only One Session Needed?

The answer to this question also depends on the extent of the thinned area, sometimes it is necessary to perform a second intervention.  Sometimes it may be advisable to combine a treatment to increase coverage.

Is Transplantation Of The Vertex Area Always Possible?

Hair transplantation on the vertex area can be followed in all cases where greater coverage of the thinned area is desired; the only precaution to keep in mind is to ensure that the hair loss is not yet in an active progression, in this case, there is a risk of invalidating the result obtained. The transplanted hair no longer falls out but if the baldness is progressing and the thinned area widens, there is a risk of having a covered area at the edges of which thinning areas can be seen, with an aesthetic result worse than before. In these cases, it is good to normalize the fall before proceeding with a hair transplant in the vertex area. The surgeon's opinion will clear up any doubts in this regard.

What Are The Results That Can Be Obtained With The Vertex Hair Transplant?

The obtainable results depend on the starting situation. If you want to, you can view a gallery of the results obtained from patients who have undergone vertex hair transplantation by viewing the clinics' websites. Pay attention to whether the clinics whose photos you look at make patients look natural. This will help you choose the clinic for hair transplantation.