Long Hair Center provides assurance and high-quality service for all transplantation operations carried out. Our center sets a standard of professionalism and highly successful services in this field. Our transfer service offers a personalized journey, comfort, and excellence. After the operation, the transplanted grafts require sensitive care and protection. Your personal assistant will accompany you to ensure that you avoid any head injuries when getting in or out of the vehicle.

Is there a fee for the transfer service?

The transfer service is entirely free of charge, covered by Long Hair Center. It offers the opportunity to travel in VIP comfort and private vehicles. Your journey starts from the airport with an interpreter who speaks the same language as you, ensuring you don't feel like a foreigner.

Transfer Service Scope

Our transfer service covers the following:

  • Airport – Hotel Transfer (on arrival)
  • Hotel – Hospital Transfer (surgery day)
  • Hospital-Hotel Transfer (surgery day)
  • Hotel-Hospital Transfer (washing day)
  • Hotel-Airport Transfer (on departure)