When it comes to health, there are important points that must be followed no matter what. There are some points that should be done and followed in order for the operation to be more successful and to get a better result for the hair transplant operation. You can check these important points as listed below.

  • - Alcohol use should be stopped at least 5 days before the operation. Otherwise, the quality of the operation will decrease due to the thinning effect of these substances on the blood.
  • - Smoking should be reduced as much as possible at least 7 days before the operation.
  • - You should continue to use the medicines you need to use daily for chronic diseases (blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease etc.) until and including the day of the operation.
  • - Do not eat very heavy foods on the day of the operation.
  • - Avoid drinking coffee and beverages containing caffeine (such as cola, tea, etc.).

Avoid drinking green tea at least one week before the operation.

Before the operation, as is the case with alcohol, the use of blood thinners and anticoagulants (such as aspirin, etc.) should be limited, and if possible, these drugs should not be used for one week before the operation. Apart from this, the use of compulsory therapeutic drugs can be continued.

For one month before the operation, any product containing chemical substances such as medicine or lotion should not be applied to the scalp and hair, and should not be used.

Exhausting activities should be avoided the day before the operation.

On the day of the operation, a light breakfast should be preferred and wide clothes that can be easily put on and taken off should be preferred.

It should be preferred not to use a car after the operation, people who will come to the operation with their own vehicle are advised to plan accordingly.