In a hair transplant, a hairline is considered a backbone and important aspect. Although it was quite hard to achieve a natural hairline 2-3 decade ago, thanks to modern techniques and ethics that has put down the possibility of the unnatural hairline. No one wants to end up with the hairline-like doll-looking that is easily detectable and unnatural. The hairline must be created perfectly and naturally suitable to face, age, gender, and harmony of a patient.What kind of factors are to be considered at Long Hair Center to achieve an undetectable and symmetric hairline.

Considering facial muscles

The structure of the facial muscles varies from person to person, and it is one of the factors to be considered while determining the hairline. It is not right to transplant into the facial muscle in hair transplantation, because as the person moves the muscles on his/her face, his/her hair will also move, which will cause the transplanted hair to look unnatural. For this reason, the hairline should be drawn from the point where the facial muscles end.

Golden ratio

Another important factor in hair transplantation is the golden ratio. The golden ratio is taken as a basis in all aesthetic operations. To obtain a natural and aesthetic hairline, the golden ratio of the person's face is taken into consideration.

Age factor

The age factor plays an important role in determining the hairline. As people age, the hairline also recedes. For this reason, the age of the person is taken into consideration in order to obtain the most natural result when determining the hairline.

Comparison with old pictures when scalp was full of hair

Everyone has a different shape of the face and his natural hairline that is divinely created. Due to hair loss, this hairline is wiped out inappropriately. Long Hair Center always asks his patients to bring along a picture of an old period when hair was not affected at all. After evaluating the old pictures, our doctor determines the best possible natural and undetectable hairline.

Using of Microscope

The starting point of the hairline must be filled with only single-hair grafts to achieve an unnoticeable hairline. These single-hair grafts are utterly collected among double-triple grafts with the help of a microscope.

Use of Laser tool and millimeter scale

A laser tool and millimeter ideally have a significant role to create a natural hairline in a hair transplant.

The direction of inserted grafts

The direction of inserted grafts must be determined as natural as a person’s hair flow. It is certainly done by our expert doctor.

Zigzag pattern

A natural hairline always looks a zigzag way instead of straight as an arrow. Our doctor determines it with his 10 years of experience. He takes the hairline in a zigzag structure that provides the best natural and undetectable result.