Hair Transplant And Diseases

Hair Transplant And Diseases

Hair transplant and diseases is considered the most effective solution for hair loss. The psychological and physical discomfort caused by hair loss is very important. The dream of everyone who has hair loss is to regain their old hair. Almost everyone can have hair transplantation. However, some people cannot get hair transplantation due to reasons such as the number of hair loss or the insufficient donor area of the nape hair follicles. Of course, the reasons for not being able to get a hair transplant are not limited to these. Patients with certain diseases may not be suitable for hair transplant operation. These include high blood pressure patients, diabetics, hemophilia patients, patients with heart disease, HIV patients, and those with hepatitis B and C diseases.

1. High blood pressure patients

In fact, hair transplantation is one of the complicated operations for people who have low blood pressure as well as high blood pressure. Although it is not much of a problem for the person as much as other diseases, it should still be kept under control before the operation. Before hair transplantation, patients can get hair transplantation after consulting their doctors and getting approval about the operation.

2. Patients with diabetes

The blood sugar test, which is one of the tests that has to be done before hair transplantation, is very important for patients with diabetes. In patients with high blood sugar, hair transplantation is not recommended due to insulin dependence. Because the hair transplant operation is a long operation. Diabetic patients who are considering hair transplantation should first discuss with their doctors about hair transplantation. It would be wrong to say that not all diabetics can have a hair transplant because the blood sugar level and the drugs used vary from person to person. In other words, suitability for hair transplantation varies according to the level of diabetes.

3. Hemophilia patients

The inability of the blood to clot properly or to clot late is known as hemophilia. Unfortunately, patients with hemophilia cannot have a hair transplant because the hair transplant procedure takes long hours and there will be bleeding in the operation. Delayed coagulation of the blood is very dangerous for the patient.

4. Patients with heart diseases

It would be wrong to say that none of the people with heart disease can have a hair transplant and diseases. People who have a heart condition and have not had surgery related to it before can have a hair transplant with their doctor's approval. But remember, this varies from person to person. Therefore, hair transplantation can be done when approved according to disease and condition.

5. HIV and Hebatitis B and C patients

Generally, those who have hepatitis B disease can have hair transplantation. There is no problem for hair transplant operation. However, HIV and hepatitis C patients, which are considered to be the beginning of AIDS, cannot have hair transplantation.